How do we improve on a game about food and drink

that is informative, competitive, and fun?
We create an ONLINE version!

We’ll be able to provide a tutorial and prompts to make the

rules easier to learn and get the players playing sooner.

Additionally, there will be updates to the various

game components and we’ll add more and varied questions

with graphics, plus enhance the game’s visual interface.

Players can customize the rules for each game

changing the difficulty from novice to expert 

as well as the length of the game. 

Choosing the types of questions and having the capability

to play against anyone virtually anywhere in the world

will be possible.

There will be data tracking that can be used for a

player’s personal history, tournaments,

or even a restaurant league.

We could even create a professional version of the game

with all the components such as rent, equipment,

food cost, and so on - all elements to satisfy the

entrepreneurial appetite in many culinary enthusiasts.  

Other versions could be developed, such as a kid’s version

and even a mobile version for smartphones. 

The growth of free WiFi and greater bandwidth is allowing

online games to be prevalent almost anywhere.  

Unfortunately, I took a substantial financial hit

building and operating a variety of restaurants and 

what little I had left went into the board game. 

My wife finally said no more.

Hence, I’ll be launching a crowdfunding project. 

Duck Soup will donate half of its profits

until we match our crowdfunding goal

to not only various food charities

but also for scholarships to culinary schools

as we can never have too many well-trained chefs. 

These allow Duck Soup to leave a substantial tip

to the foodservice industry. 

All contributors will have a chance

to determine where donations are made.  

 Now that’s an improvement!

Duck Soup Entertainment, Inc.

Contains: Game Board, 300 Cards (900 Questions), 30 Restaurant Cards, 4 Staff Boards, 48 Staff Tiles, 120 Coins, 4 Restaurant Signs with Stands, 1 Twelve-Sided Staff Die, 2 Playing Dice, 4 Wooden Pawns, Wet Erase Marker, Instructions.​