Contains: Game Board, 300 Cards (900 Questions), 30 Restaurant Cards, 4 Staff Boards, 48 Staff Tiles, 120 Coins, 4 Restaurant Signs with Stands, 1 Twelve-Sided Staff Die, 2 Playing Dice, 4 Wooden Pawns, Wet Erase Marker, Instructions.​

If you can't stand the heat,

stay out of the kitchen!

The BOARD game is

no longer available

Duck Soup Entertainment, Inc.

Think up a great name for your restaurant.

Answer true/false and multiple choice questions about food, wine, cooking and related trivia, and earn Duckats.

Use your Duckats, skill and luck to improve your restaurant by hiring excellent dining room or kitchen staff, even if you have to steal them away from other players' restaurants.​

Be the first player or team to have ALL excellent staff and the best restaurant and you win the game.

Sounds easy, but when you have to pay for renovations, plumbing problems or deal with a chef who wants to quit and work for one of your competitors, things start to heat up.